RSK, Ares, and Searchlight: Leading the Charge in Energy Transition

Investment Consortium Led by Searchlight Capital Partners and Ares Management Funds £500 Million in Sustainable Solutions Provider RSK Group Limited

A consortium led by Searchlight Capital Partners and Ares Management funds has made a significant investment in sustainable solutions provider RSK Group Limited, totaling £800 million ($1.02 billion). This investment includes a £500 million preferred equity investment and a £300 million debt facility to support RSK’s growth plans.

RSK, founded in 1989 by Dr. Alan Ryder, is a London-based company that specializes in environmental consulting and engineering solutions. With 15,000 employees and over 8,000 clients across 40 countries, RSK is a key player in sectors such as water, energy, construction, and infrastructure.

Dr. Ryder, RSK’s CEO, expressed excitement about the partnership with Searchlight and Ares, stating that their expertise and track record will be instrumental in executing RSK’s M&A strategy and expanding its offerings. Searchlight Partner James Redmayne also shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting RSK’s potential to become a global leader in sustainability solutions.

Ares Management, a long-time supporter of RSK since 2018, has further solidified its commitment with the new debt facility. Michael Dennis, co-head of European Credit at Ares, praised RSK’s efforts in advancing the global energy transition and expressed excitement about supporting the company’s focus on sustainable business outcomes and long-term growth.

With this significant investment, RSK is poised to accelerate its growth and solidify its position as a leading provider of sustainable solutions on a global scale. The partnership between RSK, Searchlight, and Ares marks a pivotal moment in the company’s journey towards becoming a trusted leader in the sustainability sector.

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