Redbox Seeks Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and DIP Loan for Payroll Expenses

The Decline of Redbox: Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (CSSE) made headlines recently as it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, signaling the downfall of its ill-fated acquisition of Redbox in 2022. The move comes as no surprise to industry insiders, as physical entertainment media has been on a steady decline for years.

The acquisition of Redbox, known for its DVD rental kiosks, was a risky move for CSSE, especially in the face of the growing popularity of digital streaming services. The company’s financial woes were further exacerbated by the Hollywood studio pipeline’s constriction due to strikes in 2023.

Despite efforts to save Redbox, including attempts to convert DVD renters to free ad-supported streaming options, CSSE’s net losses ballooned to $636.6 million in 2023. The company’s stock plummeted to just 19 cents per share, putting its market value at a mere $6.3 million.

As CSSE navigates the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, creditors like Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, and Walmart are among those listed in the company’s bankruptcy filing. Shareholders are likely to fare poorly in the proceedings, with the future of CSSE and its assets hanging in the balance.

The media industry has seen its fair share of Chapter 11 filings in recent years, with companies like Vice Media, Audacy, and Cineworld (Regal Cinemas) also facing financial challenges. The outcome of CSSE’s bankruptcy case will ultimately determine the fate of the once-promising entertainment company.

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