Newly opened boutique introduces private debt fund

Newly Launched Boutique Debuts Private Debt Fund: Nero Private’s First Offering

Nero Private, a newly established boutique offshoot of independent brokerage firm Nero Financial, has made waves in the financial industry with the launch of its first private debt fund. The fund, which focuses on credit-vetted, property-secured loans for small and medium businesses (SMEs), offers investors a minimum lending threshold of $50,000 and anticipated annual returns starting at 10% per annum.

With investments secured by first or second mortgages on real estate assets across Australia, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties, Nero Private aims to provide tailored commercial finance solutions to meet the needs of borrowers and investors alike.

David Crook, managing director of Nero Financial, expressed excitement about the new venture, highlighting the opportunity to capitalize on a growing lending market and provide flexible, real-time investment options to partners. He welcomed Sanja Crnogorac, the newly appointed managing director of Nero Private, as a perfect fit for the firm due to her extensive experience in credit and risk management, as well as her passion for supporting small businesses.

Ms. Crnogorac, who joins Nero Private from Tyalla Capital, emphasized the increasing demand for alternative financing solutions in today’s financial landscape. With a background spanning two decades in private credit and commercial lending, including roles at Guardian Wealth Mortgage Managers and Oak Capital Mortgage, she is well-equipped to lead Nero Private in delivering bespoke credit solutions that add value to both investors and Australian businesses.

As private credit continues to gain traction as a vital component of the financial industry, Nero Private is poised to meet the evolving needs of borrowers and investors by offering innovative and personalized credit options that drive growth and success.

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