Chicken Soup For the Soul Entertainment, Parent Company of Bankrupt Redbox, Appoints New CEO and Board Members

New CEO and Board Installed at Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, a company known for its self-help book publishing and entertainment ventures, has made a significant change in leadership amidst financial turmoil. The company, which recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, has appointed Bart Schwartz as its new CEO and added him to the board of directors.

Schwartz, a seasoned business executive with a background in investigations, monitoring, compliance, and risk management services, is stepping in to replace former CEO Bill Rouhana. The decision to bring in Schwartz, who lacks experience in media and entertainment, comes as the company seeks to navigate its financial challenges and restructure its operations.

In addition to Schwartz, two other new members, Steven Goldsmith and Josh Mandel, have joined the company’s board of directors. Goldsmith brings experience from companies like Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, and media enterprises like ShopNBC and The Shopping Channel. Mandel, a former treasurer of Ohio, has expertise in overseeing large investment portfolios and pension funds.

The changes in leadership come at a critical time for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, which has faced difficulties following a series of acquisitions and the closure of a major takeover deal. The company’s financial struggles have been exacerbated by industry challenges, including labor strikes and changes in the entertainment landscape.

As employees await further updates on the company’s financial situation, the appointment of Schwartz and the new board members signals a new chapter for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment as it works to overcome its current challenges and chart a path towards financial stability.

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