BPCE: Vision 2030 – Empowering Our Clients and Cooperatives

Groupe BPCE Launches VISION 2030 Strategic Plan: A New Chapter in Growth and Diversification

Groupe BPCE, the oldest banking group in France, is embarking on a new chapter with the launch of its VISION 2030 strategic plan. This plan focuses on growth and diversification of activities, with ambitious goals set for 2026. With 9.5 million cooperative shareholders and 35 million clients, Groupe BPCE aims to become a leading bank in France, Europe, and the world.

The strategic plan is built around three pillars: forging long-term growth, giving clients trust in their future, and expressing cooperative values in all territories. The group aims to become the 4th largest insurer in France, the European leader in financial services, and a global player committed to sustainable business models.

Already in 2024, Groupe BPCE has made significant moves, such as acquiring Société Générale Equipment Finance and partnering with BNP Paribas to create a top payment processor in France. The group is also focusing on energy renovation services and innovative home financing solutions.

With a strong focus on human resources, technology, and artificial intelligence, Groupe BPCE is setting ambitious goals for 2026, including sustainable growth, increased renewable energy financing, and a high level of solvency. The group aims to protect natural assets, promote ESG training for employees, and drive decarbonization efforts in key sectors.

Groupe BPCE’s VISION 2030 sets a clear trajectory for the future, emphasizing growth, trust, and cooperative values. With a strong foundation and a commitment to innovation, the group is poised to lead the way in the banking and financial services industry.

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