Arroweye Solutions Successfully Implements Co-Branded Trade Association Credit Card Programs for Affiniti Finance

Arroweye Solutions Partners with Affiniti Finance to Deliver Custom Co-Branded Credit Cards to Small Businesses

Arroweye Solutions, a leading provider of just-in-time payment cards, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Affiniti Finance to deliver custom, co-branded credit cards to small businesses across the United States. Affiniti, a fintech innovator serving overlooked industries, is utilizing Arroweye’s technology to offer co-branded, association-endorsed credit cards to small businesses.

This collaboration allows Affiniti to provide unique co-branded credit cards with custom designs, industry-specific features, and rewards to small businesses without the need for inventory management. Aaron Bai, CEO of Affiniti, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that dozens of associations will launch new programs over the next year.

Since partnering with Arroweye, Affiniti has seen a significant increase in revenues and plans to continue launching custom card programs at scale. The success of the partnership is evident in the widespread adoption of Affiniti’s financial solutions, with the average small business on the platform using more than three Affiniti cards for their team.

Mica Mosely, Arroweye’s Chief Revenue Officer, praised Affiniti for leveraging Arroweye’s dynamic production capabilities and emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting their growth and innovation. Arroweye’s zero inventory, just-in-time credit card production process has revolutionized card production, allowing card issuers to pay only for the cards they need when they need them.

This partnership between Arroweye Solutions and Affiniti Finance highlights the importance of innovative fintech solutions for small businesses and the value of customizable card programs. As Affiniti continues to empower small businesses with financial tools for success, Arroweye’s technology will play a crucial role in facilitating their growth and expansion.

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