Qi Card Achieves Milestone: Exceeds 12 Million Users for Financial Services

Qi Card: Revolutionizing Financial Transactions and Expanding Financial Inclusion in Iraq

Qi Card, Iraq’s leading fintech service, has reached a significant milestone by supporting over 12 million users, showcasing the region’s increasing reliance on digital financial services. This user base includes government employees, pensioners, private sector workers, and displaced migrants who benefit from Qi Card’s comprehensive financial services.

Founded in 2007, Qi Card has evolved from a local payment card provider to a full-fledged financial service platform, offering services such as salary distribution and advanced biometric security systems. By integrating services like Western Union and partnering with global entities like Alipay through the superQi app, Qi Card has expanded its reach and functionality.

At the heart of Qi Card’s success is its commitment to secure and accessible financial transactions. The company’s multi-biometric identification system has significantly reduced the risk of fraud and theft, making financial services more reliable for users. Qi Card’s role in distributing government salaries and facilitating e-commerce transactions has been instrumental in promoting financial inclusion in Iraq, with over $4 billion in loans disbursed since 2018.

Through strategic partnerships with Asiacell and Digital Zone, Qi Card has broadened its services to enhance financial inclusion. The introduction of the superQi app, in collaboration with Alipay, has set a new standard in the region’s fintech sector, offering payment acceptance and e-commerce capabilities in one platform.

Looking ahead, Qi Card aims to leverage technology to improve user experience and expand its services to meet evolving user needs. As Iraq rebuilds its economy post-conflict, companies like Qi Card play a crucial role in laying the groundwork for a thriving digital economy. With a strong user base and ongoing technological advancements, Qi Card is driving Iraq towards a more inclusive financial future.

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