eBay Introduces New Working Capital Solution for Sellers

eBay Partners with Liberis to Offer Working Capital to Sellers

eBay has partnered with embedded finance platform Liberis to provide sellers with working capital through the Business Cash Advance program. This initiative aims to offer eligible eBay sellers in the United States up to $1 million in working capital within 24 hours, as stated in a recent press release.

Avritti Khandurie Mittal, eBay’s vice president and general manager of global payments and financial services, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting sellers’ growth by offering tailored financing solutions. The collaboration with Liberis allows eBay to expand capital availability for sellers on flexible terms, addressing their unique business needs.

Liberis CEO Rob Straathof highlighted the challenges eBay sellers face when seeking financing through traditional channels and emphasized the importance of providing fast and responsible financing through eBay Seller Capital.

This initiative comes at a time when U.S. merchants’ optimism is low, underscoring the significance of effective working capital management for businesses looking to grow and maintain stability. With the emergence of new working capital products and financial services, businesses have access to innovative and flexible solutions to navigate economic fluctuations and invest in growth opportunities without traditional debt burdens.

As the macroeconomic environment remains dynamic and unpredictable, top performers are focusing on changing their cash-conversion culture and leveraging advanced digital analytics solutions. Chavi Jafa, head of commercial and money movement solutions, Asia Pacific at Visa, highlighted the need for working capital to address short-term operational needs and strategic long-term investments in new technologies and digital solutions.

Overall, the collaboration between eBay and Liberis underscores the importance of providing sellers with access to fast and tailored financing solutions to support their growth and success in today’s challenging business landscape.

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