Partnership between KPMG and Shieldpay for Payments Agreed

Shieldpay Partners with KPMG Law to Provide Payment Services for Corporate and Real Estate Teams

Shieldpay, a leading payments specialist, has announced a new partnership with KPMG Law, a prominent legal services provider. This collaboration will see Shieldpay supporting KPMG Law’s corporate and newly launched real estate team through its third-party managed account (TPMA) platform.

Since 2020, Shieldpay has been working with KPMG Law’s corporate clients as an escrow and paying agent provider for corporate and M&A deals. The success of this partnership has led to Shieldpay being selected to further support KPMG Law’s teams, reflecting the changing needs of businesses and the evolution of the legal sector.

Andrew Hawkins, Shieldpay’s CEO of UK and Europe, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, highlighting KPMG Law’s innovative approach to legal services. He emphasized the importance of providing payment services to mitigate risks and unlock efficiencies for clients in complex transactions.

Stuart Bedford, Head of KPMG Law, praised Shieldpay for delivering fast, secure, and seamless payment solutions that enhance their ways of working and client experience. He emphasized the importance of choosing technology suppliers that create efficiency, mitigate risk, and uphold rigorous standards for regulation and security.

This partnership between Shieldpay and KPMG Law showcases the increasing recognition within the legal sector of the benefits of using third-party managed accounts to improve client satisfaction and business operations. By leveraging innovative digital solutions, both companies are poised to provide enhanced services to their clients and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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