Nero Private Introduces Innovative Credit Solutions for Australian SMEs

Nero Private Launches First Private Debt Fund to Support Australian SMEs and Investors

Nero Private Launches First Private Debt Fund to Support Australian SMEs

Melbourne, Australia – Nero Private, a newly established boutique non-bank credit firm, has officially launched its first private debt fund aimed at supporting Australian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) while offering investors a secure portfolio with stable and attractive returns.

The firm, founded to cater to investors seeking robust and reliable returns while fostering the growth of Australian businesses, invests in credit-vetted, property-secured loans tailored for commercial finance purposes.

Sanja Crnogorac, Managing Director of Nero Private, stated that the firm aims to bridge the gap between traditional banking and the evolving needs of both borrowers and investors, streamlining the transaction process in the process.

“With borrowers and investors increasingly seeking alternatives to conventional banking, private credit is becoming an essential component of the financial landscape,” Ms. Crnogorac said. “Nero Private is poised to meet this demand by offering bespoke credit solutions that deliver value to both investors and Australian businesses.”

With over two decades of experience in banking and commercial lending, Ms. Crnogorac is renowned for her expertise in credit risk analysis and her deep understanding of both regulated and non-coded lending frameworks. Her commitment to transparency and integrity is reflected in her dedication to empowering clients and investment partners alike.

Nero Private is an offshoot of Nero Financial, a rapidly growing commercial brokerage with a robust corporate network. Founded in early 2021, Nero Financial has quickly established itself as an industry leader known for its high-performance standards.

David Crook, Managing Director of Nero Financial, highlighted the impressive growth of Nero Financial over the past few years as the foundation for the creation of Nero Private. He emphasized the need to support modern entrepreneurs by providing capitalised deals at a lower LVR and allowing partners to select deals in real-time.

The management team behind Nero Private boasts 75 years of experience in private credit, banking, commercial lending, and business development. The minimum investment amount for the Nero Private Fund is $50,000, with annual returns starting from 10% p.a.

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Nero Private is dedicated to providing secure, property-backed private credit investments to support the growth of Australian SMEs, offering investors stable and defined income while fostering business development across Australia.

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