Mutual Fund Screener for Debt and Hybrid Funds (June 2024): A Tool for Selection, Tracking, and Learning

Debt and Hybrid Mutual Fund Screener for Portfolio Selection, Tracking, and Learning

Introducing the Latest Debt Mutual Fund Screener for Portfolio Selection, Tracking, and Learning

Investors looking to make informed decisions about debt mutual funds now have a powerful tool at their disposal. The latest debt mutual fund screener offers a comprehensive overview of various fund categories, asset allocations, credit ratings, maturity profiles, and more.

This Excel-based screener is designed to help investors understand the credit quality and interest rate risks associated with different types of debt funds. Instead of relying on average credit ratings and portfolio durations, which can be misleading, the screener provides detailed information on the weights of different credit ratings (AAA, AA, A, etc.) and bond maturities (within a year, 1-3 years, 3-5 years, and above five years).

With 25 categories covered, including Aggressive Hybrid Fund, Banking and PSU Fund, Gilt Fund, and more, investors can easily compare and analyze different fund options. The screener also includes information on fund asset allocation, upgrades or downgrades in bond ratings, YTM, modified duration, average maturity, and returns.

The screener is not just a tool for selecting funds but also a valuable resource for learning about debt funds. It provides guidance on how to interpret credit ratings, modified duration, average maturity, and YTM, and offers tips on shortlisting funds based on specific investment needs.

While the screener is available for a nominal fee, it comes with a disclaimer that it does not provide investment advice and users should verify the data with the fund factsheet before making any investment decisions.

Overall, the latest debt mutual fund screener is a must-have tool for investors looking to build a well-rounded debt fund portfolio and make informed investment choices.

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