LegalZoom collaborates with to provide small businesses with increased access to capital

LegalZoom Partners with to Provide Streamlined Access to Capital for Small Businesses

LegalZoom Partners with to Provide Small Businesses with Streamlined Access to Capital

In a move aimed at addressing a critical need for small businesses, LegalZoom, a leading online platform for small business formations, has partnered with to offer streamlined access to capital. This collaboration comes at a crucial time, as 38% of small businesses fail due to insufficient funding.

Through this partnership, LegalZoom customers can now access various funding options such as secured loans, business credit cards, and credit-building products directly through the LegalZoom platform. This integration aims to simplify the loan application process and provide personalized funding solutions, enhancing the financial foundation for small businesses and facilitating their growth.

Kathy Tsitovich, Chief Corporate Development and Partnerships Officer of LegalZoom, highlighted the importance of this partnership, stating, “Customers consistently say that getting a business loan is critical to making their dreams a reality. By partnering with, we’re eager to see how customers respond to this new addition within the LegalZoom ecosystem and how that early access to additional funding can make a difference in their journey.”

The partnership between LegalZoom and is a promising solution for small businesses, empowering them with the capital needed to succeed. With LegalZoom’s established customer base and’s expertise in financial services, this collaboration is set to drive revenue growth for both companies.

For small business owners, this partnership offers a lifeline, providing access to essential funding options tailored to their specific needs. By simplifying the borrowing process and offering a range of financial products, LegalZoom and are working together to support the growth and success of small businesses.

Overall, this partnership represents a significant step towards addressing the funding challenges faced by small businesses and creating a more supportive environment for entrepreneurial ventures. As LegalZoom and continue to innovate and expand their offerings, small business owners can look forward to enhanced access to capital and greater opportunities for growth.

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