DMALink and Ibanera Join Forces to Offer Combined Payment Services

FX ECN DMALink Partners with Ibanera to Deliver Tailored Financial Solutions for Tech Firms

FX ECN DMALink and cross-border payments solution provider Ibanera have announced a new partnership aimed at addressing the specific financial needs of technology firms.

Ibanera, known for its expertise in financial and wealth management for tech businesses and entrepreneurs, is licensed in multiple regions including the US, Canada, Europe, and Singapore. By utilizing Ibanera’s cross-border payment network, DMALink will now be able to offer cost-effective and efficient FX solutions to tech companies for their international transactions.

The collaboration between DMALink and Ibanera will result in the development of new products and services tailored to the evolving needs of tech firms, including in the realm of digital assets. This partnership aims to empower tech startups to thrive in the global market by providing them with essential tools for seamless global expansion.

Manu Choudhary, CEO of DMALink, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “[This partnership addresses] the specific financial needs of high-growth technology companies.” Michael Carbonara, CEO of Ibanera, added, “Our partnership with DMALink focuses on delivering customized financial solutions that simplify payments and support our clients’ digital growth.”

Overall, the collaboration between DMALink and Ibanera is set to revolutionize the way tech firms handle cross-border transactions and FX trading, allowing them to focus on their core business growth while navigating the global market.

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