Bailey Duquette & Miller Barondess Successfully Negotiate $2 Million Settlement in Federal Court Trade Secrets Case

Defense Attorneys Secure $2 Million Settlement for COY Creator and Team on Eve of Federal Court Jury Trial

Title: COY Creator Secures $2 Million Defense Settlement on Eve of Federal Court Jury Trial

In a dramatic turn of events, COY Creator, along with founders Jessica Bartlett, Thomas Drew, and Corey Lewis, secured a $2 million defense settlement on the eve of a federal court jury trial. The settlement was achieved with the help of legal representatives Jeannie Gallucci of Bailey Duquette P.C. and David Schecter and Colin Rolfs of Miller Barondess, LLP.

The story began in 2020 when influencer Jessica Bartlett created COY, a platform designed to empower digital creators by giving them control over their content. Together with Thomas Drew and Corey Lewis of 1AND1 Life, Jessica co-founded COY as an alternative to the exploitative practices prevalent in the industry. However, their journey faced a major hurdle when subscription-based website developer McCandless Group LLC (MG) terminated their contract and filed a lawsuit alleging various claims including misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract.

Despite facing legal challenges, COY’s legal team, led by Jeannie Gallucci, successfully defeated MG’s motion for preliminary injunction and later secured the dismissal of MG’s claims. After three years of litigation, the parties reached a settlement agreement with MG agreeing to pay $2 million to the defendants.

The settlement not only marked a victory for COY but also led to significant developments within the company. COY hired a new CEO, Matt Silk, with extensive experience in developing web-based software products. Under Silk’s leadership, COY launched a new platform called COY Creator, aimed at providing digital creators with full ownership and control over their content and fan engagement.

In response to the settlement, Jessica Bartlett expressed her excitement at seeing COY thrive and reiterated her commitment to supporting creators through COY and her talent management company, Verge Agency.

The successful resolution of the legal dispute highlights the dedication and resilience of the COY team, as well as the strategic legal expertise provided by Bailey Duquette P.C. and Miller Barondess, LLP. The story serves as a testament to the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and standing up against unfair competition in the digital creator industry.

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